Lightweight Skirting Boards



Skirting boards elegantly mask the junction between floors and walls. Models and sizes abound, so you can choose the skirting board you feel best underlines the architecture and your style. You can paint it together with the walls or accentuate it with another colour.It is waterproof and can also hide cables, so it is indispensable in every room: bathroom, bedroom, hotel lobby or office.
What is Skirting?
Skirting is the panel which is fixed to the base of the interior wall to protect from dirt, kicks and to conceal the joint between wall and floor. Cables can be hidden behind the skirting eliminating a lot of chasing out of plasterwork. Skirting board is considered an essential decorative feature as it gives more class to the room.
What mouldings do we offer?
We offer different sizes and styles of lightweight skirting boards which are waterproof and can hide cables. Skirting boards can be matched to different décor designs and architectural styles including a flexible option for special projects. They can be painted together with the wall or matched to a different colour. Skirting boards can be used all around the house or commercial space including kitchen/bathroom. Although skirting boards are easy to install and to paint they are still durable and high quality.

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