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DecoFix Pro
: Robust adhesive specially designed for purotouch and duropolymer products, suitable for interior applications on porous and dry surfaces.

DecoFix Power: Exceptionally strong MS-polymer adhesive crafted for purotouch and duropolymer heavy profiles or exterior installations. Ideal for non-porous surfaces (tiles, glass, etc.) and damp environments.

DecoFix Extra: Premium polyurethane-based adhesive to seamlessly join purotouch and duropolymer mouldings. For Durofoam® applications, utilize DecoFix Pro for joint bonding.

DecoFiller: Ready-to-use, lightweight acrylic filler, expertly engineered for the flawless finishing touch on purotouch and duropolymer products.

Fibrefix: Specifically formulated for plaster items, this superior-quality plaster-based adhesive offers a rapid 1-hour setting time. With minimal suction, it ensures impeccable positioning and alignment for your projects. Coverage extends to approximately 30 three-meter lengths.