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Panel Mouldings
Panel Moulding is used to create geometrical shapes on walls and ceilings. They can be supplied in a variety of materials and patterns. They are available in plaster, polyurethane and Duropolymer Fascinating designs can be formed to break up the plain spaces giving a sumptuous effect very economically.
Why use Panel Mouldings?
Panel Mouldings help to create a majestic atmosphere in the living room. Our panel range offers a large variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. The Panel Moulding is lightweight which makes them easy to install and paint saving you money and time. Panel mouldings can be used to create wainscoting, frames and many other features on your walls and ceilings. 
What Mouldings do we offer?
Victorian Cornice offers a wide range of plaster mouldings: polyurethane panels, multifunctional profiles and Duropolymer panels, typical of architectural styles such as Victorian, Edwardian, Classic, Modern and can be adapted to different types of rooms and customer DIY skills. Furthermore, we offer additional flexible panel mouldings category which guarantees the ability to curve in desired ways or to curved walls.

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