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What is Archway?
An Arch/Archway is the curved construction which spans a space and can support the weight above unless purely decorative. The history of arch dates back over two thousand years BC and can be found in Mesopotamian architecture, systematically and widely used in Ancient Roman architecture.

Why choose an Archway?
Archways offer an ideal and elegant way of dividing yet connecting spaces. Arch design is varied and depending on choice they can be semi-elliptical or semi-circular and can be assigned to a desired architectural style.

What Archways we offer?
Victorian Cornice Company offer wide range of Archways, they can be crafted to different dimensions and styles. We offer archways that suit the different styles over the different eras. Arches can be complex structures to plan and we advise in every instance to call our helpdesk when considering ordering to ensure you get it right.

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