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Ceiling Roses and Domes

What is Ceiling Rose?
Ceiling Rose (rosette/centre/medallion) is a decorative element which is attached to the ceiling, and it usually has affixed light or chandelier in the centre.  Historically Ceiling Centres were affixed to the ceilings to protect ceilings from charring and heat caused by gas lights and candles as ceiling roses were cheaper and easier to re-decorate than an entire ceiling. Typically, rosettes are round/oval shapes and present a huge range of patterns and ornamental designs which have been influenced by different architectural styles such as Victorian, Edwardian, Roman, Art Deco and others. Ceiling Roses are decorative ceiling elements, and they shouldn’t solely support light fixtures, for that occasion it’s better to install a supporting member before affixing a ceiling rose. In order to choose the desired ceiling rose, please take into consideration your room size and style ensuring they match. To enlarge any ceiling rose diameter, it is possible to use a plaster ring which surrounds a ceiling centre.
Whatever the nature of you project, we can design, create and install any style and size of dome to suit your requirements. Just call us if you require this service and our expert team would be more than happy to help.
Alternatively, you can scroll down to a simpler option that we offer made from polyurethane.
What is a Dome?
A dome is an architectural element in which the upper half of a sphere is hollow which provides a great optical effect. Domes have a very long architectural history which date back to the Mesopotamia period and can be found in the Ancient world and Roman, Hellenistic, Chinese, Persian architectures. Contemporary domes can be found in religious buildings, sports stadiums, legislative structures and all kinds of houses in different adaptations. Personal households and deluxe services apartments usually use domes with the particular light source (chandelier) as it provides a striking aesthetic effect. Domes often have a lighting trough around the perimeter to light the inside.

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