Sensational Plaster Ceiling Rose R39


R39 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 445mm

£48.37 Inc. Tax

Diameter: 445mm

Flat centre area: 85mm

Unveil Timeless Charm: Introducing the R39 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 445mm

Elevate your space with a stunning R39 Plaster Ceiling Rose. Crafted with unwavering dedication by the skilled artisans at the renowned Victorian Cornice Company, this 445mm masterpiece beckons you to transform your surroundings into a realm of enchantment.

Imagine a delicate 445mm creation gracing your ceiling, an embodiment of artistic finesse. The R39 Plaster Ceiling Rose is more than a decoration; it’s a testament to our commitment to preserving heritage craftsmanship. Each stroke, each detail, resonates with the echoes of timeless design.

Seize the Moment – Transform Your Space: The R39 Plaster Ceiling Rose is your opportunity to infuse your space with elegance and tradition. Whether adorning the ceilings of a grand establishment or lending a touch of sophistication to your home, this handcrafted masterpiece is poised to leave a lasting mark.

Craft Your Space into a Masterpiece: Step into the world of design excellence with our plaster range. Let your space tell a story of beauty and heritage. Immerse yourself in the charm of tradition, meticulously handcrafted by us at the Victorian Cornice Company.

Ready to Elevate Your Space? Get your R39 Plaster Ceiling Rose today.  It will illuminate your ceilings, captivate your guests, and create a space that resonates with timeless magnificence. Your space deserves nothing but the finest.


Inner Diameter


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