Greatest Plaster Ceiling Rose R32


R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 700mm

£120.94 Inc. Tax

Diameter: 700mm

Flat centre area:100mm

Elevate Your Space with Elegance: Discover the R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 700mm by Victorian Cornice Company

Welcome to Victorian Cornice Company, where timeless elegance meets masterful craftsmanship. As a premier fibrous plasterwork company based in the UK, we take pride in offering you nothing but the best. Introducing our exquisite R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose – a true masterpiece that transcends time and elevates your interior to new heights.

About Us: Crafting Excellence Since 1989

At Victorian Cornice Company, excellence is more than a word—it’s our legacy. Founded in 1989, we’ve been shaping spaces with our award-winning cornice and mouldings. Our commitment to quality earned us the prestigious 2012 Plaisterers Trophy, a testament to our unmatched expertise in fibrous plaster and new build projects.

Unveiling the R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 700mm

Immerse yourself in sophistication with our R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 700mm. Meticulously handcrafted in our UK factory, this ornate masterpiece captures the essence of Victorian charm. Measuring 700mm, it seamlessly blends intricate detailing with a spacious design, making it the ideal focal point for any room.

Why Choose the R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose?

  • Craftsmanship Redefined: Each R32 Ceiling Rose is a symphony of artistry and precision, meticulously designed to honor the grandeur of Victorian aesthetics.
  • Distinctive Elegance: Elevate your interior with a touch of opulence that stands the test of time, making your space truly unforgettable.
  • Tailored Perfection: Whether adorning a new build or restoring a classic space, our ceiling rose harmonizes seamlessly with diverse architectural styles.

Your Space, Our Expertise: Services That Transcend

Embrace a holistic experience with Victorian Cornice Company. Beyond offering exceptional plaster products, we extend our expertise to provide you:

  • Nationwide Delivery: From bustling cities to quaint towns, our products grace homes across the UK, bringing elegance to every doorstep.
  • Restoration Services: Let our artisans breathe new life into your space with meticulous restoration, preserving the charm of yesteryears.
  • Coving Matching: Seamlessly blend your new installations with existing charm, as our experts curate coving that captures your space’s essence.
  • Professional Installation: Experience worry-free transformation as our skilled craftsmen install your chosen pieces with utmost care.

Elevate Your Space Today!

Experience the allure of the R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose – 700mm and infuse your space with timeless charm. Transform your interior into a work of art, a testament to Victorian opulence, and a reflection of your discerning taste. Let Victorian Cornice Company be your partner in creating spaces that resonate with elegance and sophistication.


Bring Your Vision to Life – Order Your R32 Plaster Ceiling Rose Now!

Inner Diameter


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